05/08/2013 10:18

Trip to Sweden


After two years that we didn't visit our beloved Sweden, we decided to visit our good friend Anneli Susi from Kennel Art Attack and her family again. She is the breeder of the beautiful multi Champions Art Attack Ready Steady Go ( Tottie ) and Art Attack Just What You Want ( Doutzen, mother of Tina and Djurre ).  In 2007 we showed Tottie in Sweden and he went Champion there and a couple of years ago we showed Doutzen there when she was a young dog. So it was time to take a look again!

After a long trip with hot weather we arrived in Sala. We had lovely days with beautiful weather and of course hard work to make the dogs ready for two shows. The first show was the International show in Koping. It is always nice to see the difference between the shows in Holland and in Sweden. All outdoors and tents by the rings. Djurre and Duffy were entered. The competition in Sweden is big ; more poodles are entered and in my opinion the quality is very high. Beautiful poodles in all sizes and what I have seen; the miniatures were breathtaking!

We are very pleased with the results. More then I could dream of! Djurre went 1exc with CK in openclass and after that Best male with CAC CACIB and he is now Swedish Champion! So proud!! Duffy did also great. You have to know that all colours are competing for 1 CAC. So she had competition from black, white , brown. And that's hard, they are, like I said , breathtaking! Duffy became 1exc with CK in openclass and finally second best bitch with RCAC and CACIB.

On Sunday we went to Segersjo. In the madows in the outskirts of Orebro was the poodlespeciality. Again; hot hot hot... pffff

Djurre went Best of Breed !! I was so proud. The bitch for the BOB competition was so my type of dog! A reall poodle all over. Balanced, not to big, beautiful neck and topline and a forwards mover! So it was a good competition for us.  In the end in the BIS competition we went BIS3. Djurre was tired after the long trip, hot weather and long show days. I am happy and proud with this result.

Duffy didn't feel like showing. She must have been thinking we were crazy. Running around in this kind of weather. Crazy! But she went 3exc with CK in a big competition of 7 females.

After these days we enjoyed the weather, company, pool and nature for one week and then leaving for home again...