17/09/2023 11:05

Long time ago since we updated the English website. We found a new home in Drachten in 2017. A bigger house with a grooming room and a garden where dogs have a lot of space to play together. 

Time is going fast and dogs come and somethimes they go for a new life to a family home or they are getting old and we have to say goodbye. We have 3 males at the moment. A miniature brown, medium size black and standard black. You can see them in the showring at the moment. All three are doing well and have big successes. You can find the showresults at there pages or at the Dutch site. 

We don´t breed a lot. At the moment we have 1 male medium size black. We will see in the coming weeks how he develop. It is possible that we are looking for a nice home for him. Next litter will be end of this year. We are not sure yet if we breed standards. If we will it will be a black ( with possible white in it) with Yfke and Luitzen.