Seeheim - Jugenheim

22/09/2014 20:51

Saterday we started our trip to Germany. We went to a poodlespecial in Seeheim Jugenheim. Two breedspecialists should judge on this show. The trip was long and the weather was bad. I was happy to arrive in our hotel. The hotel was nice and we just finished food when the bad weather started there.

On Sunday was the show. We met Sabine and Sina Puhler from kennel Modau Star. They had a litter from Djurre and they kept a lovely, very femine bitch, Tina. It was nice to see them again.

We had very nice results; Djurre went Best Standard poodle , Britt got her CC's , Hidde got 1 very promising in puppyclass and Fleur got very promising in babyclass.

In the finals; Fleur went BIS2 baby, Hidde BIS 1 puppy and Djurre 4th best in show! We are very Proud and Happy with these results!

We thank the judges and the organisation for the nice day!